Our team has a unique combination of world-leading experts in theoretical, numerical and experimental aspects of electrical engineering, physics and nanophotonics.

Principal Investigator:
Andrea Alù | CUNY Advanced Science Research Center (lab website)

Co-Principal Investigators:
Shanhui Fan | Stanford University (lab website)
Anthony Grbic | University of Michigan (lab website)
Harish Krishnaswamy | Columbia University (lab website)
Michal Lipson | Columbia University (lab website)
Amir Safavi-Naeini | Stanford University (lab website)

International Members: 
Tobias Kippenberg | EPFL, Switzerland (lab website)
Sergei Tretyakov | Aalto University, Finland (lab website)

DoD Collaborators 
Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, Air Force Research Laboratory 
Dr. Ilya Vitebskii, Air Force Research Laboratory 
Dr. Jimmy Touma, Air Force Research Laboratory 
Dr. Weimin Zhou, Army Research Laboratory 
Dr. Sang-Yeon Cho, Army Research Laboratory 
Dr. Jesse Frantz, Navy Research Laboratory 

Students Supported 
Gaurang Bhatt (Columbia U.)
Jakob Hinney (Columbia U.)
Kaiyuan Yao (Columbia U.) 
Utsav Dave (Columbia U.) 
Janderson Rodrigues (Columbia U.) 
Ipshita Datta (Columbia U.) 
Mateus Corato Zanarella (Columbia U.) 
FNU Shriddha Chaitanya (Columbia U.) 
Vivian Zhou (Columbia U.) 
Anat Siddharth (EPFL) 
Terence Blésin (EPFL) 
Raphael Van Laer (post-doc, Stanford) -> Professor at Chalmers 
Nathan Lee (graduate student, Stanford) -> Research Staff at HRL 
Wentao Jiang (graduate student, Stanford) -> Joined Start-up based on Lab’s technology (Flux) 
Rishi Patel (graduate student, Stanford) -> Research Staff at Amazon Quantum Computing 
Vahid Ansari (post-doc, Stanford) 
Jason Herrmann (graduate student, Stanford) 
Hubert Stokowski (graduate student, Stanford) 
Jiahui Wang (Stanford) Now at Google X 
Siddarth Buddhiraju (Stanford) Now at Meta 
Lingling Fan (Stanford) Now a postdoc at MIT 
Kai Wang, (Stanford), Now an Assistant Professor at McGill University, Canada). 
Avik Dutt (Stanford), Now an Assistant Professor at University of Maryland
Dali Cheng (Stanford) 
Cody Scarborough (U Michigan), Assistant Professor, Colorado University, Boulder. 
Zhanni Wu (U Michigan), Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley, Sept. 2021 –. 
Debjit Sarkar (U Michigan), Ph.D. student, EE, Caltech, Sept. 2020 –. 
Sara Azzouz (U Michigan), Ph.D. student, EE, Stanford University, Sept. 2022 –. 
Zachary Fritts (U Michigan), Ph.D. Student 
Amirhossein Babaee (U Michigan), Ph.D. Student 
Chun-Wen Lin (U Michigan), Ph.D. Student 
Debjit Sarkar (U Michigan), Undergraduate Student 
Sara Azzouz (U Michigan), Undergraduate Student 
Ryan Strohman (U Michigan), Undergraduate Student 
Shixiong Yin (CUNY) 
Sander Mann (CUNY) 
Hady Moussa (CUNY, now at Qualcomm) 
Ahmed Mekkawy (CUNY, now at Apple) 
Michele Cotrufo (CUNY, now at U Rochester) 


AFOSR MURI FA9550-18-1-0379 | Program Managers: Dr. Arje Nachman and Dr. Gernot Pomrenke

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