Our team has a unique combination of world-leading experts in theoretical, numerical and experimental aspects of electrical engineering, physics and nanophotonics.

Principal Investigator:
Andrea Alù | CUNY Advanced Science Research Center (lab website)

Co-Principal Investigators:
Shanhui Fan | Stanford University (lab website)
Anthony Grbic | University of Michigan (lab website)
Harish Krishnaswamy | Columbia University (lab website)
Michal Lipson | Columbia University (lab website)
Amir Safavi-Naeini | Stanford University (lab website)

International Members: 
Tobias Kippenberg | EPFL, Switzerland (lab website)
Sergei Tretyakov | Aalto University, Finland (lab website)


AFOSR MURI FA9550-18-1-0379 | Program Managers: Dr. Arje Nachman and Dr. Gernot Pomrenke

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